As well as running the No.6 store we also offer several special services for our clients and industry professionals to take advantage of.

Garment Hire
Most of the items in the store are available for hire. We also have a special wardrobe archive of rare and unusual items available for short and long term rental. This service is primarily for fashion stylists and designers but, on occasion, we do offer customers this option if they feel they need something different for a one off special event. We charge 30% of the garment purchase price and take the full price as security against damage.

Repair and Tailoring
We have two fantastic seamstresses on staff who are available to work on damaged garments or make adjustments for fitting. It is advisable that you give us reasonable notice if you want to take advantage of this service so that we can book your item in for work. We also fit garments in store - a service we offer free to our customers.

Karin and Morgan are available for styling and consulting of all kinds (and of course come with an impressive vintage wardrobe). Please email us here