About Your Clogs and Boots

All No.6 clogs feature lightweight wood bases, rubber soles and a varying selection of high quality suede, nubuck, leather and shearling hides. All of our clogs and clog bases are pre-treated to be water repellent.

Our clogs are made to be comfortable and durable, but not unbreakable! Please read below for care recommendations to keep them in good shape, as well as some helpful information regarding what to expect from your clogs and how they can fit.

The Heel

The heel is made of lightweight wood, this is the comfort of modern day clogs. As a result, please be mindful of knocking the heels against hard surfaces. Chips can possibly occur around the heel when it is hit against rough objects such as the corner of a concrete sidewalk or staircase. This can often be easily repaired with a little wood glue by a cobbler or at home.

The Rubber Sole 

Like any shoe the rubber sole will wear down over time, particularly around the toe and heel. It is best to resole the shoes before the wood bottom is exposed to prevent costly repair. The clogs and boots can be resoled at any local cobbler.

To increase the longevity of your heels even further, you can apply a tap to the front toe and back heel of the sole. This will prevent the rubber sole from wearing down even longer.

Wear and Repair

Each clog and boot is handmade using all natural materials. As a result certain variations may occur in the colors and textures of the materials. This is not a defect, but rather the sign of a unique handmade product. As you wear your clogs and boots, the leather will soften, stretch and mold to your feet. All No.6 clogs and boots are water repellent, but you may spray your boots for added protection.

Will N0.6 Repair My Clogs?

We do not repair clogs, however, we can supply replacement hardware, shoelaces and heel stickers if needed. All other repairs can be taken to your local cobbler.