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What size am I?

As a general rule when ordering online, simply select your US shoe size and we will send you the corresponding “No.6 size” for that particular style. Please consult our size guide if you are unsure of your US shoe size.

When will I receive my clogs?

It can take up to 15 business days for clogs to arrive. This is because all of our clogs and clog boots are handmade-to-order! Every stitch, every staple is assembled by our factory team. This process not only makes each clog unique, but it’s also why some of our shoes take up to 15 days to arrive at your doorstep. Trust us – they’re worth the wait!

Need your clogs to arrive faster? Click here for more information. Extra fees may apply.

How should my clogs feel and fit?

Please consult our fit guide for detailed sizing information.

Our clogs can feel snug through the width when you first get them. This is totally normal! The leather upper will soften and give with wear, molding to the shape of your foot. If you have wider feet you will likely find that certain styles/bases will be more accommodating than others.

Unlike regular shoes, clog bases do not bend so your heel will lift up with each step. If your toe lightly grazes the front of your shoe, that’s okay – your foot should take up the full length of the base. However, if your toes feel crammed or push against the front you may need a larger size or a different style altogether.

Breaking in your clogs can take some time. We recommend taking your clogs to a local cobbler for stretching if you are feeling any discomfort, or if you are impatient about the breaking in process.

I ordered an 8, but received a shoe that says 39. What gives?

Some styles/bases run smaller than others, but we’ll handle the conversion for you! All you have to do is select your true US shoe size when ordering your clogs. We’ll send you the correct corresponding No.6 size for that particular style.

Our bases are numbered with two-digit sizing. Please consider this number to be your “No.6 size” as they are not equivalent to to European sizing.

Does No.6 offer half sizes?

No.6 Clogs are available in whole sizes only. 

What is a “custom clog”?

“Custom” denotes any clog style/color combination that is not currently offered through our website. This includes past styles, a current style in a color not offered, or special sizing requests. Custom clogs are final sale–absolutely no returns or exchanges–so we recommend customers only order custom clogs if they have previously owned or tried on the style before. Custom clog purchases are subject to a $25 production fee.

Please call us during regular business hours for any additional questions.

What are No.6 clogs made of?

All No.6 clogs are made in the United States and feature durable, lightweight wood bases, polyurethane soles with skid-resistant traction and high quality leather, nubuck, suede or shearling. All of our clog bases and the vast majority of our uppers are pre-treated to be water repellent. We use genuine cow leather/suede and sheep shearling.

How do I care for my clogs?

No.6 clogs are made to be comfortable and durable, but not unbreakable! As you wear your clogs and boots, the leather will soften, stretch and mold to your feet. All of our clog bases and most of our leathers are pre-treated to be water repellent, but you are welcome to have them sprayed for additional protection.

Our bases are made of lightweight wood, so chipping can occur around the heel or toe bed if your clogs are struck or scrape hard surfaces. This can often be easily repaired by a cobbler or at home with a little wood glue and sandpaper.

As with all shoes, our clogs can be resoled! The rubber will wear down over time, particularly around the toe and heel. Please make sure to resole your clogs with a light, bouncy rubber before the wood bottom is exposed, as this can result in a very costly repair or disintegration. No.6 clogs and clog boots can be resoled at any local cobbler.  

Can No.6 repair my clogs?

Unfortunately, we are unable to facilitate clog repairs or resoling. However, pending availability, we are happy to supply replacement hardware, shoelaces and heel stickers upon request. All other repairs should be taken to your local cobbler. 

Do No.6 clogs have a warranty?

No.6 guarantees its clogs from manufacturing defects within 6 months to 1 year depending on the nature of the defect. Natural wear and tear such as chipping and heel pad slippage are not considered to be defects. What constitutes a manufacturer’s defect is at the sole discretion of No.6 and/or its factory.

If you find you have received a defective pair of clogs or clog boots, please contact us.